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History of X-rays – an exciting story

The Röntgen Museum is a centre of exploration, discovery and research for all our visitors. We offer a wide range of exhibits and events of interest to different target groups. There is something here for everyone: for children and young people, families, single individuals and couples, school and university students, as well as their teachers and professors, and for older and disabled people.

Guided tour for families, single individuals and couples

Every Sunday at 3 p.m. we offer a guided tour that will give you a good overview of the museum’s various topics and exhibits. The 1 hour tour is limited to a maximum of 15 people. Costs are €5 plus reduced entrance fee of €3.
Please book beforehand by telephone: 02191 / 16 -3384

Guided tours for young children

The Roentgen-Museum's miniclub organised tours especially for young children every first Saturday of each month. The tour starts at 11.45 h. Admission per child is 1 €. The guided tour is free.


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