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The Röntgen Museum

The German Röntgen Museum in Remscheid-Lennep is the only one of its kind not only in Germany but in the whole world. It contains a unique collection relating to the life of Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen and to the discovery of X-rays, as well as to their research, development and application in the most varied fields of science, medicine and engineering.
2400 sq m of floor space contain numerous original exhibits, interactive displays, models, photos and films providing a wealth of insights into the fascinating world of X-rays and their applications.

Highlights in the museum’s history

1930    Founding of the museum at the initiative of Prof. Dr. Paul Krause
1932    Opening of the permanent exhibition in the Oelbermann Villa
1937    Opening of the first purpose-built extension
1951    Renamed “German Röntgen Museum” and establishment of Society of Friends and Benefactors
1959    Opening of three-storey extension
1964    Purchase of Röntgen’s birthplace and childhood home at Gänsemarkt 1
1980    Transfer of German Röntgen Society library to Gänsemarkt 1
1983    New museum concept with medical focus
1996    Opening of new entrance and foyer
2002    Restructuring and relaunch of the museum in line with modern hands-on approach
2004    First rebuilding phase – funded by 2006 Regional Development Programme, LVR, and the Alfried von Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach Foundation
2006    Temporary closure of the museum
2007    Completion of first rebuilding phase
2008    Beginning of second rebuilding phase – funded by NRW Foundation, bkm, LVR, and Siemens Healthcare
2010    Completion of second rebuilding phase
2013    Planned completion of third and final rebuilding phase