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Creativity and imagination in research and discovery – the overall concept of the new Röntgen Museum

For three-quarters of a century the German Röntgen Museum in Lennep has been the global centre of research, documentation and promotion of the life, work and impact of Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen. As the model of a modern creative scientist and interdisciplinary thinker Röntgen stands for the achievements of German research and technological development at the turn of the 20th century. He can be thought of as a founder of the seal of quality in science and engineering later associated with the "Made in Germany” label. As the very first Nobel Prize winner he set a standard for all who followed him in that honour.
The Röntgen Museum is currently undergoing a process of transformation. Bit by bit the exhibition sections and service offers are being extended, restructured, and reoriented to move the museum as a whole from its former niche as a single-specialty science museum to its current and future role as a scientifically wider centre of experimentation and learning in the modern tradition of the science & technology museum as a place of living, hands-on experience.