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The Röntgen Museum’s collections comprise a total of more than 65,000 objects, many of them valuable original pieces connected with the discovery, research, development, and application of X-rays in numerous fields of science and life – a collection unique the world over.

The collections are not confined to any single topic or theme but range from medical diagnostic and therapeutic devices to equipment for non-destructive materials analysis, the examination of ancient Egyptian mummies, baggage security scanning, body scanners, and X-ray astronomical telescopes.

In time-scale the collection ranges from the end of the 19th century to present day research and technology. The work of collecting significant objects in the development of X-ray history continues as a central task of the museum.
The museum can only exhibit about a quarter of its objects at any one time; the other three-quarters are kept in our store at Radevormwald-Dahlerau. But here too it is possible, by prior arrangement, to visit an educational collection including large pieces of equipment for X-ray therapy and a complete mobile mass-screening clinic (the “X-ray bus”).

“Masterpieces from the German Röntgen Museum” is the name of a set of brochures, currently in the course of preparation, presenting highlights of X-ray technology from science, engineering and medicine.

For a brief look at some of these click Special exhibits „Special exhibit“.