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Audio-guide tours

The audio-guide will take you round the museum on an individual journey of exploration and discovery. Weighing a mere few hundred grams, it is very simple to operate: just key in the exhibition room number and you will receive a wealth of information and interesting background detail on the exhibits there.
The audio-guide is available in German or English for adults, with a special version for children, and a programme for people with restricted vision. With the audio-guide you can go round the museum at your own pace in whatever way you want.
No charge is made for the audio-guide, but you will be asked to leave your identity card (or similar) as deposit at the front desk. We would also be very happy to receive a small donation to the Society of Friends and Benefactors of the Röntgen Museum.
50 audio-guide sets are available, so larger groups are requested to notify us in advance of their requirements.