Freunde, Partner u. Sponsoren

Society of Friends and Supporters

The Society of Friends and Benefactors of the Röntgen Museum is the driving force behind the restructuring and repositioning of the museum

Founded in 1951, the Society has some 550 members worldwide. Its declared aims are to support the museum financially in the acquisition and maintenance of objects for exhibition and in public relations activities. Close cooperation between the museum management, the Society of Friends and Benefactors and the City of Remscheid has led to the Society playing a leading role in acquiring funding from industry, charitable foundations and public authorities. Its many contacts in science, industry and culture, and its frequent presence at congresses and other professional events, have enabled the Society to bring the museum and its work to the attention of a wide and interested public.

Dr. med. Ulrich Mödder

Professor em. Dr. med. Ulrich Mödder,
Chairman of the Society of Friends and Supporters of the Deutsches Röntgen-Museum

Keeping up with the museum project

Every member of the Society of Friends and Benefactors helps actively to realize the New Röntgen Museum project. It’s only right, then, that they should be kept up to date on developments. Special tours for Society members restarted on completion of the first rebuilding phase. In addition, members receive an invitation to the opening of all special exhibitions or new sections of the permanent exhibition, as well as to cultural events like the award of the Röntgen medal. They can also attend lectures free of charge. The annual report and a regular newsletter keep them informed of current developments and events. Corporate members can use the museum premises for their events. All donations and membership fees qualify for tax rebate.


Would you like to become a member of the Society of Friends and Benefactors?

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